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One Dandelion, Two Ways!

I love dandelions - always have, always will! Yup, they're weeds; I know that. But...that yellow! And, that will and determination to survive..well, they're winners in my book.

So, as I sat in Ny, while my sister fiddled with some settings and a new macro lens, I decided to photograph a few of these lovelies.

And, then back home, I began to play in photoshop elements.

Version 1:

Aug12 029 copy
Just loving the color in this one! So very bright and happy, and it makes me grin. I will probably add a quote at some point, but for now, it's "done."

Version 2:

World made new
The very same dandelion...the very same shot, but so much more soft and dreamy, courtesy of a few technques, learned from Kim Klassen's Beyond Layers II course. This one brings me peace; it soothes. I'm loving each version, but for different reasons.

A few quick facts:

Dandelions symbolize happiness, wishes coming true, along with summer and childhood.

Our early settlers deliberately transplanted dandelions to their new homes.

It's believed that you can send a message to someone by visualizing your message on the snowy white seed head before you blow on it.

Tradition held that the tallest dandelion stalk a child would find in early spring would  show how much taller they'd grow in the coming year.

Long ago brides wove dandelions into their bouquets for a long, happy union.

Linking up with Macro Monday here, along with I Heart Macro.  And, of course, the August Break, 2012: Day 13!

studio waterstone



Both are very pretty!

Pieces of Sunshine

I like your dandelion both ways. There certainly is something very attractive about their bright flowers and also their amazing seed heads.


I like it both ways too. The lighter one makes me feel lighthearted!

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