Macro Monday and a Little Black & White


Nine_Square_Grid copy copy

I promised him we wouldn't buy "too much." I'm not sure that his idea and mine of what "too much" constitues agrees, but, oh, did I have fun!

So many gorgeous colors, patterns, and textures. And, what you see here came home with me...and a bit more, as well!

We enjoyed some of it yesterday, and we'll feast on more of it today! I'm thinking I need to print these out and try a bit of sketching/watercolor play.

I missed the strawberries; they've come and gone. But, the peaches are making their appearance, and check out that cauliflower! I'm not sure, but maybe some yellow cauliflower soup with a pretty purple swirl?




Our strawberries are just peaking and we are another month away from peaches. I, too, went to an outdoor market yesterday. It's a little early for much of the produce you are already enjoying but I bought some homemade jelly and hot sauce. I love finding these handmade treasures! Gerbera daisies, oh my!

Kathryn Dyche Dechairo

Smiling :0) What a gorgeous selection and the colors are just beautiful.

Kim Mailhot

Beautiful findings !!! Love this grid of yummy.

Enjoy your Sunday, Beautiful Paula !


Lovely mosaic of all the delicious foods! The colors make me smile. I go a bit crazy too when I go to the farmers' market -- this is my favorite month for fruit!

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