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Photo Heart Conenction: May

May12 117
This one tugs at my heart; each and every time I wander through May's shots, this one evokes an "ah" and a deep sigh of contentment.

This is the one that makes me stop in the midst of all the date entry, conferences, lesson plans, admin work, correcting, and such to refocus myself and think, "This is why I teach. This is why."

Huntley Meadows enveloped us in peace and wonder; for the most part we disconnected from technology and delighted in spotting the frogs hunkered down in the mud. We watched an egret catch her breakfast and jumped back when we came eye to eye with the ribbon snake. We identified the red wing blackbird and wished we could sun ourselves, along with the turtle, on that log.

We collected a water sampling at two spots along the watershed and reliazed that yes, it does clean the water. We knew it said so in the book, but proof stared us in the face - a connection between book knowledge and real life

74 sixth graders, accompanying parents, and of course, the three of us - their teachers - disconnected from computers, phones, and other than a few cameras which were just that...cameras and no other bells and whistles...instead connected to nature.


Kat Sloma

Ah, I can see why this image so strongly resonated with your heart, Paula! I can feel your love of what you do through your words and the connection to your students in the image. How lucky you are, to be able to do something that you love! Thanks for sharing in the Photo-Heart Connection.


Magical image... and well deserved that you find such satisfaction in seeing it. Well done on every level.

Kathryn Dyche Dechairo

I love walks among nature, seeing what amazing things we can discover along the way. No two walks are ever the same. Great choice.


I used to teach (and miss it very much) so I understand this feeling of being unplugged and tuned in yet with a different type of intensity.
I hope your school year is winding down and you will soon have some "me" time.


A perfect photo paired with your words to share the love of teaching. Contentment is not easy to come by. It can be felt in this scene. These young ones are so fortunate to have this experience. Congratulations on your work. I see we have a mutual friend in Kelly Kilmer. I believe we were in one of her earlier online groups together :)

Cathy H.

Lovely image and such a great story to go with it!! I can feel through your photo and words that you love teaching!

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