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Macro Monday and a Little Black & White

Jun12 057 copy

The macro lens came along for the ride on Saturday, and by now, the folks at Burke's Farmers' Market are used to this crazy lady for taking pictures of onion roots and the like!

And, I'm desparately trying to catch up on Kim Klassen's Beyond Layers lessons, so, I grabbed some play time and practiced converting some of my shots to black and white.

Silent whispers
I skipped adding any texture since there seemed to be quite a bit going on here! Couldn't resist adding just a bit of text though.

Jun12 052
Zinnas make me grin - such a riot of happy colors! But, that didn't stop me from

Jun12 052 copy
seeing what would happen with black and white! Pretty cool as well, and I'm thinking I might give it a go with some markers or colored pencils.

Hop on over to Lisa's site to check out some really cool macro shots!


Linking here as well!

studio waterstone



That onion is a cool macro shot!


Great Macros!
Love the onion just because it is an unusual subject!
Have a great day!
Lea's Menagerie


great photo's ;o)
I loke the ones in color the most ..

Kim Mailhot

Great subjects for black and white ! But I do love the color best too. ;-)
Have a brilliant day, Lovely Paula !

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