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Photo Heart Conenction: May

Good Morning, Sunshine

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Blinked open my eyes on Saturday morning and smiled in delight. Early moring sunshine filtered through the window and danced its way through these tiny vintage bottles.

Snuck out of bed (DH snored gently...well, maybe not so gently!) and grabbed my camera - macro lens of course!

Click. Click. Click...until DH muttered, tossed and turned.

Little scraps of magic to be sure! Go here to see all the other pretties!

Also sharing here: a href="http://www.waterstonejewelry.blogspot.com">studio waterstone



A lovely still life. I really like the vintage bottles.


Looks like a beautiful still life !

Kim Mailhot

Love old glass and love your photo !!!

Cathy H.

Love your bottles and how you composed them in the beautiful light!!


I am so glad you were able to sneak out of bed. This is gorgeous. So sweet of you to sneak over to my blog and leave comment too.

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