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Tiny Things

Tiny things
A field of wildflowers edging the vineyards...

Lake Erie glistening in the distance...

And, if you had a really good pair of binoculars, Canada to be seen.

Laughing at Ginger's antics...

Taking shot after shot of red barns and glistening grapes.

Wine to be tasted and cheese to be nibbled...

Trying to take it all in, and if I hadn't been trying to grab some macro shots, I'd have missed this little guy in all his glorious orange.

I miss so many tiny things, but I'm learning to see.

Pure magic to be found!

Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday:

 - Warm grunge, soft light, 58%

 - Soft Palette, color burn, 21%

My challenge to myself? To use two new textures never before tried, and to use a different blending mode or two as well.

Find more photos here.




Wendy Ramos

Very true sentiment! Stopping by from Texture Tuesday!


oh, photographing red barns is the best... i'm jealous! we have so many around me, but i no longer have the chance to get out and photograph them with a little one around.

love your shot for texture tuesday!


Fabulous capture, and quote ... I also love what you've done using the textures!
Oh yes, the wonders we miss when we don't take the time! Thanks for sharing this one!
Visiting from Texture Tuesday!

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