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Restrain Yourself...and a Bit of Inspiration, Too!

Restraint 2
This was inspired by Hanna, who was inspired by Michelle. Both of these women are beyond awesome.

Hanna never fails to inspire, and I leave her blog with my ideas popping in my head, just like that bag of microwave popcorn doing its thing! And, Michelle? Super talented, beyond generous, and a gifted teacher. I know 'cause I've taken classes with her, and, oh, she's wickedly funny as well.

So, restraint...not in my makeup! I love color, and I love to cram my pages full of it and texture. I'm not much for white space, so, like Hanna, I wanted to keep going with this page. I'm thinking pink lately, so I grabbed some paper, a paint swatch, and a few ripped up journal pages. And, then? Well, then, I left white, and I am okay with it. In fact, it's growing on me.

When I opened this particular journal, I found a page where I had randomly glued on bits and pieces of art table goodness, and a lot of...well, you know, ....white space. So, I grinned, and then I journaled. And, once again, I had me some fun. So, I think I'll do another quick little page when I'm done here.

Photo restrain 1
Just a bit of fun, and a bit of play, and it's oh so good for the soul.

Now, pop on over and visit those two ladies!


michelle ward

Paula, you prove that nothing is ever wasted. Those remnants on the pages with all the white space makes up really want to investigate more about where those scraps came from. Very crisp and a perfect lead into summer.

Nice to see you give a respectful nod to fellow crusader Hanna and her terrific pages.

Thank you for the kind words Paula, and thanks for coming back to play with us!

Cath S

I love your take on this Crusade; the first piece feels like abstract art to me.
I always enjoy my "end of month, and the newspaper's finished, blog cruise 'n comment" time. It's been lovely to meet you and your work via the Crusades. Thanks for sharing what you do with everyone. May the rest of 2012 be filled with creative happiness for you.

Michelle Brown

Nice layout! I live the circles and the journalling with the flowrs


Love your pages. I love the strips of journaling.


Paula, your pages turned out great! I especially like the second one because they are literally "Little Scraps of Magic!" HAH, love it. Well done Crusader!!
Best wishes, tj

Terri Neggers

Both your pages are really fun, and lovely to look at. The beautiful colors just pop off the page, but don't overwhelm. Well done!

Diana Taylor

Wow, both pages are fabulous - they are so zingy and vibrant (even the pinks and browns, which should be more subdued just jump off the page). I love them both but I think the second one probably has the edge for me - I love the torn papers and the colours. Really lovely work.

Daphne Dooling

I love your interpretation of the Crusade. Your pages put such a smile on my face, thank you for that.


I can tell you had fun! I love both pages.

I especially love the 'layering' in 'study in pink'



Great work! I understand how hard it is to hold back, I have trouble with it too ;) You did a good job of it though!


Oh, you had me with Hanna. She is one inspirational person!

This is a unique way to approach the challenge! I love your pink page, and the scrappy way you've brought in leftovers!

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