Restrain Yourself...and a Bit of Inspiration, Too!

Pretty in Pink

Over at Kim Klassen's Texture Tuesday, it's the pink edition. Now, I have to be honest here; if you've read my blog for awhile, you might know that my mom had designated pink to be my color, and blue, my sister's. And, oh, how I longed to wear blue. I envied blue. I wanted blue. But mom was firm; pink it was and pink it would stay. So, for quite some length of time, I shied away from pink.

But, nature? Oh, she does pink as no one else can do pink. Cherry blossoms, magnolias, and dogwoods. Glorious pink - the pink that makes my heart sing, the pink that makes me smile.

So, bear with me for one more shot of pink.

Pink texture
I used the following of Kim's textures:

 - Grunge With Text at 100%, soft light

-  Uncle Clarence, 72%, multiply

Here's the before shot, beautiful in its right:

Mar2012 011

Please be sure to head over to Kim's site, immerse yourself in pink, and smile.





and thinking pink + orange
sending you spring time joy
love it
when you come by...

xox - eb.

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