FOCUS 52: Week 5
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Week 6: Still Life

So, I really meant to set up a gorgeous still life, but life got in the way as it generally does. So much more always gets accomplished in my mind than in reality! But, much of it came in the form of the grands, and even though my house looks like a war zone, I love it all...the noise and laughter especially.

Feb2012 045
Tonight, as I lay on the floor, eye level with the youngest, I eyed the collection of toys strewn everywhere, and thought, "Why not?"

Not what I planned, but definitely what life served!

And, I have to admit, I rather like the bold chunky shapes and bright colors!





Great! Totally works!

Thanks for linking up this week at focus52 :)


Love the colors here, especially the blue. It seems to me that when kids are involved "what life served" is so much more likely than what was planned.

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