Week 6: Still Life
A Ta-Da Moment!

Postcard Play

I love getting mail, especially "arty" mail, and the postman may keep the other stuff. As the saying goes, "The best way to get some mail is to send some," so when the opportunity occurs, I grab it.

Aug2011 013
One art goal this year is to use my own images, particularly the photos I shoot. They end up in journals, on journal covers, as greeting cards, and in this case, postcards. Aren't these gorgeous? I shot this photo after a trip to the farmers' market last August.

Flower vase postcard
I printed it on some matte photo paper and then added some colored pencil here and there. Using a sharpie, I outlined various edges to make them "pop," and then added some embossed stamping. The embossing got a bit messier than I liked...the ink pad was so juicy, it ended up dripping a bit off the stamp and then catching embossing poweder that I wished it hadn't. I'll be working on perfecting that!

Sept2011 005
Tiny glass bottles always grab my attention, and one or more usually find their way home with me. I took this on VA's Eastern Shore in a favorite antique store.

Bottles postcard
I altered this photo as described above, and I reall like the looks of both of them. They'll be heading out in the mail tomorrow, along with some others I'll share in the next few days.

I enjoyed the process as much as the end product. I enjoyed pushing them to see what would happen, and I only ended up "ruining" one.

Happy Sunday!



I love the effects here! Your outlining gives really cool depth in the image. :) Cool! :)


This is so cool looking - such a great idea - wonderful!!


Beautiful - both of them. And inspiring as far as your technique description goes. I am also thrilled to hear you have had a little play time. The recipients will also be thrilled, I am sure. And so true about the sending mail in order to get some. I will remind my son as he looks in the mailbox daily for something addressed to him...


Creative and lovely! If I got a postcard like that, I'd frame it.

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