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Photo-Heart Connection: January

Over at The Kat Eye Studio, the "photo-art" connection is in full swing! I've spent the last few days revisiting January photos, from a New Year's Day celebration to a one year old's birthday to my own birthday and more. Quite a few photos grabbed my heart, especially those of that one year old. But, I kept coming back to this one:

January 2012 158

Meet the one year old's mama. The sheer happiness on her face grabs my own heart. This mama worked for her happiness and her little family's. A difficult induced deliveryand a newborn who landed in 3 hospitals in the first month equalled one whopping care of post partum depression and feelings of self doubt, which of course leads to more problems. Therapy, support groups, and sheer grit to become healthy followed. Now, she simply dotes on her baby and is reaching out to other young mothers. Not techincally a great photo but it is one that works my heartstrings big time!

And, just a bit of an aside. The above photo button is the first one I've successfully "grabbed." I knew it had to be easy, since these buttons are here, there, and everywhere, but they eluded me, that's for sure! With Kat's help, and the good folks at Typepad, I did it. It's shamefully easy, and I'm a bit embarrassed that I avoided it for so long, but at the same time, I'm patting myself on the back. One tiny fear conquered!



Paula, I found your photo and the story behind it very touching. More power to her for using her experiences to help others! And thank you for sharing it.


Yes, you've captured a lovely, happy moment here!


Nice story behind the photo - wishing the new mom success. I've enjoyed your blog & I am with you on the grabbing the button to insert within the post -- I'm still working on it.

Lori Moon

I can feel the joy that you captured in this photo. The story behind the photo is so touching. Lovely!


Both, story and more the photo heart warming.


You captured joy and delight beautifully.

Cathy H.

You've captured a beautiful moment!! Love her expression on joy!


This is a lovely capture and such a heartwarming story to go with it. Now I want a peek at the cute toddler....


Beautiful image, she looks so natural and happy. Love the story that goes with it, thank you for sharing it.

Wanda Jorgensen

Her smile is amazing and so is her story. I'm glad things are working out for her. I liked the "sheer grit" part of your post. Often that's the only thing that will get us through some of life's rough spots.

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So glad this Mama is healthy now!!!

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