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Week 6: Still Life

FOCUS 52: Week 5

Week 5's topic gave me absolute fits. Cold? Nope, not here. A week ago, mother nature gifted us with a bit of ice/sleet, but not this week. Think anywhere from the 50s to the 70s.

So, stumped big time.

Today, the light bulb above my head began to flicker just a wee bit. I began to think about ice skating. 3 outdoor rinks can be found locally and I'd gotten some lovely shots at 2 of them in the past. But, a shift in baby sitting plans cancelled that idea.

Then, the light bulb flickered just a bit once again. And, I sent my husband out in the rain to bring back this:

Feb 2012 024 copy_edited-1
Gorgeous colors, no? And delciously cold!

Feb 2012 017
Thank you, Mickey D's!

P.S. Tasted pretty good, too. Couldn't let it go to waste, right? Although, it probably went right to waist instead!






Ha ha...that was very creative, Paula! Got the shot and then got to enjoy eating the prop. Love it!
PS - Nice husband you've got there, too!


Great shot ... and great idea for *cold* !! :)
This *focus 52* group looks like fun! I hope you don't mind if I join in over there. :)


Yummm! I know McFlurries are bad for you, but I love them. :)

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