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Peeking Through Windows

Peeking through many possibilities. What lies beyond? What's just out of reach?

Apr11 128
Perched on a stool, sipping a latte, I can watch the world go by. If I visited the psychic across the street, what would she tell me? That chic young lady, laden with shopping bags, what did she buy?


January2012 042
Light streaming through, bouncing off and through colored glass, treasures of times go by. Stories wait to be told here.


January2012 028
Tiny windows, just big enough to peek through...did I get mail today? No one stuffs these anymore, but they evoke memories of college, and hoping, hoping, hoping, someone had sent something my way. Look at them, lined up like so many soldiers waiting to do their duty.


January2012 094 copy
Old abandonded windows lure me in, but so do shop windows. One set hints of broken dreams. Who sat by them and dreamed...a child wanting to be outside, but miserably doing her homework? The other set offers promises of things to come, beautiful new shiney objects waiting to create new stories.


January2012 047
And, as Kat writes, in "Exploring with a Camera,"sometimes windows reveal things that are not visible otherwise. As I peered through this window, I saw trees with twinkling lights and sleds mounted in a row along a wall. It wasn't until I viewed my shots at home, that I realized that I had captured a gorgeous reflections of the windows behind me!

So many windows, glorious stained glass windows, windows behind rockers on a porch, children with noses plastered against windows. I've captured them all, and many more.

I captured this particular set last weekend in Ellicott City, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!



Kat Sloma

Wonderful windows Paula! These are all so intricately detailed, very distinct. Thanks so much for linking in to Exploring with a Camera!

Elwood Kriston

The angle of the first window picture you've posted reminds me of the windows I saw when I visited Saudi Arabia - most of the windows there have pointed ends on its 12 o'clock. By the way, how long have you been collecting those glasses? Can you tell, at least, one story among those glasses?

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