Black & White, Baby...

Ice, Ice, Baby!

Jan2012 008
I woke up this morning to magic, otherwise known as freezing drizzle. The powers that be called for a 2 hour delay last night, words that make a teacher's heart sing! (I think they might have the same effect on the students...just maybe.)

While Phil brewed coffee, scraped windshields, and the like, I wandered about, entranced. Stooping down, I eyed tiny pellets of ice. From a distance, even a short one, they create one large sheet of ice. But if you get up close  and personal, you can see tiny cubes of ice doing their very best to imitate diamonds.

Jan2012 033 copy
Gorgeous, no? Generally, ice creates pure crankiness in me. But, I had a few extra moments this morning to slow down, observe, and take delight in nature's gifts to me.

In other news, my dad continues to hold his own. The staff is amazingly patient with this frightened old man and have learned how to work around his quirks. Tests continue to be run. Dad's more talkative, almost all of it nonsensical, and so we laugh. Dad wouldn't be one bit offended; he's the one who gave us the gift of humor.

Nature gifted me this morning with icy delight. I'm ever so grateful.


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