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Ice, Ice, Baby!

Black & White, Baby...

...is awfully hard to do! I've been cheerfully delving into photography blogs, squirelling away knowledge, determined to get better. Having digested these helpful tips over at Focus 52, I knew what I needed to find. Not just any shot was gonna do.

But the events of this past week have left me tired, both emotionally and physically. My brain knew what it needed to do, but my brain was - for lack of a better way to say it - quite "brain dead." I knew, though, that I was not going to wimp out at the 3 week mark, so, I wandered about this evening, trying to find something, anything that might work.

January 2012 029
The undersides of my mom's African violet's leaves caught my eye. Enough contrast? Not sure.

Leaf bw_edited-1
Okay...not awesome, but okay.

January 2012 024
Would the shopping carts work?

January 2012 024 copy
Again, not great, but I do love the repitition. And, I have to admit, the shoppers at Whole Foods are mighty considerate folk! All of them cheerfully walked around me, being very careful to stay out of picture range. My husband, meanwhile, was making great time away from me, heading towards our car. I'm sure he must have been sorely tempted to mutter to passersby about the crazy lady shooting pics of shopping carts.

January 2012 015
So, I'll show you the husband, both in color...

January 2012 015 copy
...and in black and white. Don't you love the wine corks in the window?

January 2012 047
Maybe the bottle caps and "peace" fork?

January 2012 047 copy
Pretty cool! I know that there's not quite the contrast there should be. That's okay. I learned A LOT just playing around tonight.

P.S. I also learned that when you use "close up" (otherwise known as close to macro), every bit of dust in your house shows up...in VIVID detail. Trust me...very vivid detail.



Isn't photo editing fun! I've started following and learning from Kim Klassen (and totally forgetting to put the laundry in the dryer...Hee Hee).
I know what you mean when you know what you want to get, but you're not quite there.
I do like the shopping carts for their repetition, the rhythm the pattern creates is fun.


I think the shopping carts is my favorite of this series. Who would have thought that would be an interesting subject?
I had to laugh about your dust comment, though. I too have discovered, much to my dismay, that macro/close-up photography shows everything. I mean EVERY thing.


Haha...I think you hit the nail on the head with MY biggest lesson....the DUST that shows up! ARGH!!!!!! I've become good friends with the eraser tool on Photoshop :)


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