I Wonder....

Dec 2011 108
...what this friendly fellow might be up to?


Dec 2011 110
Why, he's taking a bath, of course!

I adore Christmas creations, and I can happily wander about for hours viewing its decorations - from place settings at tables, to homemade ornaments, and more.

I love the "wonder" of Christmas, those moments that make me catch my breath with wonder and delight.

This fellow made me laugh aloud, and I spent several delightful minutes chatting with one of the shop owners as to how he came to be.

She and the fellow owner work very hard to capture the whimsy and delight of all the seasons. I really believe that both women have the mind of a child, and I mean that in the best of ways.

How many adults could see the potential in a rusted old tub? They've transformed it into something of sheer delight, don't you think?


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