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Christmas Wishes


December 2011 074

Almost there...

In less than 24 hours, Christmas vacation begins...

Just a few more hours of corraling restless middle schoolers, who are really really trying to be so very good.

And, I am sure, they'll be vacationing in some exotic places orbe running blissfully from one event to another.

Or, maybe both!

As for me, I plan to get cozy.

To curl up and read, make some plans, figure out some goals.

I'm going to finish the crossword puzzle while I'm still awake.

Fill in the Suduko squares.

Curl up under my sister's blanket and just "be."


P.S. Go visit the "Many Muses Musing," and check out some absolutely gorgeous depictions of cozy!



Enjoy! I appreciate how hard teachers work (my own son is in grade 3), our school goes to the bitter end on Friday at 3:00 p.m. My son has been threatened by his teacher that he will not be able to watch the Christmas movie on Friday afternoon because he hasn't fulfilled certain scholastic requirements - this came just last Friday afternoon. So we have been working extra hard this week to get him up to her snuff so that he won't, once again, be ostracized, and that he can finally relax and feel a part of the class for fun things. Fingers crossed she won't come up with more hoops for him to jump through at the last minute. Have a soak in the tub with that fun snowman, love your family and revel in the "off" time.


hello hello paula!
thanks for popping into my blog
MAN ! !
i certainly wish i could just *plop*
in this chair next to your santa!

why oh why
can i not B
in 12 places at once!
{{ i asked santa for More Time
in my stocking...

we will see
we will see }}

hope your holidays are merry & bright...

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