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Shooting Style!

I love it whan someone says to me, "I knew it was your art work...I recognized the style." I'm amazed, because I don't quite see it. And, I've been creating art journal pages far longer than I've been "serious" about my photography. I couldn't quite figure out how I'd know my shooting style if I didn't know my jounaling style. I think I'm beginning to figure it out, and they are remarkably the same.

I'm a newbie as far as equipment...a Canon EOS Rebel T3, a beginner's telephoto lens from Craig's list, and a few macro filters. Along with a basic camera bag, that's it, so the bag never gets too heavy. That doesn't stop me from whining when I see what other photographers carry; my husband is quick to point out that I have "lens envy." There's a tripod tucked away in the corner of my art studio, but I like the feel of a camera in my hand. To be honest, I need to figure out what the other lenses will do before I buy anything. I do know I want a better telephoto. The one I have just doesn't do what my mind wants it to do. I want to get those gorgeous close ups of an animal's eye for example.

Dec10 696
I'm in love with light, especially early morning, dusk, and evening when the colors come out to play, and everything seems so much softer. I took this in late December, standing for nearly an hour watching the wild Chincoteague ponies. It was bitterly cold,and we had experienced a major storm. My husband and I were the only two fools dancing in the cold, trying to stay warm. I took shot after shot, but this one is my favorite...the ponies kissed by the light.

Jul10 578
Phil and I are definitely a pair of gypsies, needing no excuse to pick a spot and go exploring...sometimes far away (I shot this at Yaddo Gardens, Saratoga Springs, NY) and sometimes just an hour or so away, and sometimes as close as the local farmers' market, from spring, through summer,

Aug10 070

through fall.


I rarely shoot events, unless it's family related. I don't shoot them "professionally," just as a happy bystander...aka grandma, usually!

July 2011 098
But, mostly, really it's the everyday, whether it's close to home, or


a close up of a thistle after a balloon ride in Utah. I try to capture the beauty of something that too often gets overlooked.

I'm still stuck in auto, being rather bewildered by manual. I need to figure out manual, but knowing me, I'll go right to creative! I love to play. The camera's almost always with me, and the few times I've left it behind, I miss something really good. Like the sign that said, "Report suspicious icy conditions." (It usually reads "suspicious activities!") I'm a real mix of excurions and eveyday. And, then there's the sheep poking his head out of a second floor barn "window" as we drove through Vermont. The camera was in the car, but we were past that amazing sight, before I could react.

Phil is always with me, often grabbing the camera bag, or handing me a lens. The man is remarkably patient, and despite himself, is learning to find his own "eye." My other camera buddy is my sister; we can spend hours together, each of us happily wandering about doing my own thing.

What a long post...and I have a great deal more I could say. One interesting side I've wandered through files, I realized I shoot far more often in landscape mode than portrait!



That's awesome that you're able to go out exploring so much! I love your images - especially your first one of the horses - the light there is definitely gorgeous! Keep 'em comin'! And good luck with manual mode! It's really not that difficult to get the hang of. It definitely takes a few practice runs, and you'll probably have to double check you've got what you want, but soon it becomes like second nauture! :)

Cathy H.

Your first image is absolutely breathtaking. It needs to be framed and hanging on a wall!! I wish I were more versatile in photography as your are. I get stuck in macro nature shots and sometimes miss the whole picture. So nice that you have someone to enjoy photography with. I'm rather alone, except when my sister comes for a visit! Enjoyed your post!!

Kat Sloma

So glad to learn more about you Paula! I love your dedication to standing forever in the cold to get a shot - that one of the horses is a beauty. I definitely identify with going light and having the feel of the camera in your hand! I hope writing this out brings you confidence that you DO have a shooting style, you've already been making decisions and know where you might like some adjustments. It sounds like you have some awesome partners in photography with your husband and sister - lucky you!


I'm with the rest, I LOVE those ponies and that wonderful light. You are a very versatile photographer and you seem to know yourself well.


Love the ponies shot! That light is incredible...I can easily imagine their frosty breath. The colorful corn makes me the colors! Your style is beautiful!


I absolutely love the picture of the ponies. It has almost a magical feel. You definitely have a special style.

Ponies vote here too! The light and the cold (I can feel it) is beautiful. Reading your post was very enlightening. You seem to have a knack for sriting and story telling. I feel like I've know you now. I like your style. Would love to see some of your art.

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