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Behind Closed Doors

Door closed
Isn't it gorgeous? And wouldn't you love to know what's inside? I'm part of a Yahoo photography group led by Catherine Anderson. Catherine comes up with the most amazing ideas using our photography. All sorts of books are created, and while we know our theme, we never quite know what will arrive on our doorstep. One set of books came enclosed in a basket inside a tupperware container. The container served as the shipping box! And, if you love photography, please do check out this book; it's awesome!

Our theme this monthi is portals...gates, doorways, windows. I cut along 3 sides of the door, so that it would open. Behind the opening is another photo of what's inside. I have no clue as to what's really beyond this wonderfully purple door, but here's what I imagined.

Open door
While I'm not Buddhist, the religion, and Buddha himself fascinates me.  The quote reads, "God enters by a private door into each individual."  Whatever we choose to call hiim...Yaweh, Buddha, Jesus...he is special to those who believe in him. I think what I love about Buddha is his peacefulness.

On the back of all of this is another photos; for this I chose a photo you've seen before. I absolutely love this window, and I love the quote as well.


All 26 completed photo pages are enroute to Catherine. I spent hours with the exacto knife, and even more hours taping down photos and matching edges. I'm happy with my pages, think that they're worth the time, and I can't wait to see everyone else's.


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