Into the Night

Just A Bit Out of Whack

Just a bit out of whack, or so I'm trying to convince myself. Our school opening has been delayed twice due to construction.

I am in a new room in a new building.

I don't know what my room looks like...a bit of a guess.

My classroom is in boxes in the old building.

School is to open on Thursday of next week.

I can't get in until Tuesday of next week.

The room needs to be ready by Wednesday at 3:30 for Open House.

I have a new social studies book and I've yet to see the teacher's editon.

Can you see why I forgot to post Day 29 of the August Break?

So, in order to channel just a bit of inner peace, I'll leave you with some more shots from Lake Erie.

Aug162011 225 

Aug162011 234 

Aug162011 235 


Beauty in the old and weathered.

Inspiration everywhere.

Thanks, Mother Nature.

August Break 2011

The forgotten day 29!



Wow! Sending you tons of energy and focus to be delivered on Tuesday when you most need it.

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