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Sunday's Musings


June11 213 

It's war and technology.

I've won a few and lost a few battles over these past several hours.

So far, technology's winning the battle of trying to upload a journal page scan to share with you.

That battle's being fought on the downstairs computer. It just occured to me to wander upstairs to see what would happen.

Downstairs...the scanned image will NOT upload.

Upstairs...this picture uploaded almost instantly!


Should I mail the image to myself?

At one point all computers in this household (and there are far too many!) were networked. Ever since FIOS, only certain computers will talk to each other. Sort of like families...right?

So, admire this picture of the sunset, taken just a week ago yesterday. Don't you just want to sigh?

The colors are true...I didn't do a thing in photoshop but add juat a tad of contrast.

As the saying goes, "Who can improve on Mother Nature?"


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