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Slow and Meditative

He's home and recuperating nicely; the operation went beautifully. Yes, he's glad he did it (C5 and C6 spinal fusion)...the arm is now pain free! The surgical site is a bit sore, and the muscle relaxers put him to sleep. It's been quiet around here, and without work, I've pretty much lost my sense of time!

I've been itching to begin working with fabric; I simply love the texture. So, I grabbed a piece of cloth made during May's Art & Soul in Hampton, VA.

June11 169 
It began it's life as a piece of plain white muslin. Under Liz Kettle's guidance, I played with paint and gelatin printing, which is very cool stuff! The technique works with both fabric and paper. What more could a girl want?

I grabbed a few basic flosses and threads. Honestly? I really really wanted the very cool stuff! I wanted it badly.

Realistically? I need to learn the basics; the simple beginning stitches and get them somewhat under control before I treat myself to the cool stuff!

June11 175 
It proved to be the perfect thing to quiet my mind and to focus it on something other than waiting for Phil to come out of the operating room. I had to concentrate because this is not second nature to me. I had to think! I began with a backstitch and quickly discovered I needed a bigger hoop. (Back to Michael's in a few days...) Next, came the chain stitch.

My stitches are decidely wonky. Some look pretty good; others need a bit of loving acceptance for what they are - a beginner's work.

I love it though; something about it gives me great satisfaction. It's portable, and I'm thinking this piece of cloth will be worked on in many places as I play with various stitches.

I'm not sure where this piece of cloth is going - a journal cover, maybe? Considering how slowly I'm progressing, I have more than enough time to decide!




Sending you guys lots of healing love and recovery energy :)


Glad to hear that everything went well.
You have some beautiful fabric to work with! And your stitching, so far, is very nice. I personally like the "wonky" parts. It makes it that much more personal.

Kim Mailhot

Glad to know Phil is home and recuperating. Will keep the healing currents headed his way.
Love your new project. And it doesn't matter if you are perfect at it or not - you always deserve tje best, Sweet One !!!
Big hugs !


So glad everything went smoothly for Phil!

Your embroidery is wonderful, the colors delicious, and working with hands is a great way to soothe our hearts. Somehow I think you'll be digging into those fancy threads super quickly!

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