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Hello Summer!

I ushered my sixth graders out the door for the last time this year at about 11:30, and I'm not sure who was more or them! There's still so much to do: report cards, final transcripts, putting files in order, and the list goes on and on and on! Meetings for next year begin tomorrow, and standardized test scores need to be analyzed.'s summer! Life is good indeed.

Summer palette redux051 

I played with this a great deal over the weekend..layers and layers of inks, paints, and collage materials. Stencils, photos, torn/cut up paper. A bit of pen play as well. I even tucked in a  bit of stamping using a hand carved stamp. Kind of beachy...not a surprise since I head that way in about a week and a half. Baby Alex will make the trip with us, and I'm loving the idea of his toes in the water for the first time. I've always loved babies on the beach - with their floppy hats and big round eyes. And, now the baby belongs to us!



Marcia Beckett

What/where do you teach? I'm a teacher too!

Leslie M

I always wish I had the drive to keep a journal like this, but every time I start one, it gets abandoned at some point.



Very summery. I love the touches of pink.


Your journal is beautiful!!


Thats so cool!

michelle ward

Looks like my comment got swallowed up....
Thanks for sharing more pages Paula!

Cath S

This is lovely and I really appreciated being able to click on it and explore the details. Enjoy the beach, and precious time with your baby.

Michelle Brown

Great journal layout! Good luck with your summer exploits and new adventures when school starts again.


Love it, very beachy! Have fun on vacation and thanks for sharing with the team :)

Penny Stuart

Love your journaling, I need to learn from you! Your colors are great too!

Kim Mailhot

Happy Summer, Teach ! The well deserved break is about to begin.
Love your page recording the moment.
Much love !

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