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Packing Up a Life

I have to tell you, packing up a life absolutely stinks. Big time.

We spent Saturday at my dad's home. Hedges were cut and the grass mowed.

8 boxes of Goodwill items packed up, most of them delivered. I don't even want to know how many more there'll be.

2 large trash bags filled.

2 boxes of things coming home with me...simple things, like a coffee cup I remember mom using. An old pie tin to hang on a kitchen wall. Nothing huge, nothing valuable, unless of course you count the value of the memories.

It was hard work, but not all bad. Meals were shared with my sister and brother. Laughter rang out many a time.

But still it was hard. The home we shared is beginning to look more like a house. We're slowly stripping it of its personality. So it goes.

So, I collect bits and pieces of memories, and I honor my dad when and where I can.

I'm part of a photography yahoo group. Differnet themes get posted, and you sign up for the ones that appeal. We recently shot our "intention" words.

At first, I chose "stillness" since I seem to be seeking it. But as the deadline appeared, I dithered, not sure it was "the word."

In the end, I chose "Taste." As in tasting life, all that it has to offer! All the my dad taught me to appreciate.

Our wonderful and beyond creative leader, Catherine Anderson, posted pictures of the covers over here.  She always finds the neatest way to bind our photos together.

The front of my page looks like this:

Apr11 322 
A good deal of the photo ending up getting cropped out, but my idea was to show some of life's gifts to be tasted....a new baby, brightly covered silverware that makes me smile, Broadway Shows, a trip to the Outer Banks, sea turtles, and so much more. Precious wonderful life!

And the back of my page looks lie this:

Jul10 253 intention copy 

Oh, dad, I love you so much. I wish I could "fix" you or at least understand what causes you to do what you do. There's just no making sense of it.

But, I promise you this.

I'll taste every single bit of life that I can!


Bev Baird

I can't answer fully yet - you have me choked up. that was one of the hardest things to do - pack up my Mom's house. We had to do it several times - first from "our" house, then from her condo and lastly from the senior's place. i still have boxes I can't open and it has been 3 years.
It is a very winding journey - taking that art class is so necessary. Loving your art as always!


*huge giant hugs* I can't imagine how challenging this must of been on so many levels. It sounds like you were fully "there", though, and took from it exactly what you needed to make it an experience that honored your dad rather than something very quick and painless.

Kim Mailhot

Taking your family home down to its walls must be so difficult. I am glad that you are all doing it together.
Your Dad taught you well, Lovely Paula. Here's to the tastes of life. Big squishy hugs !

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