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Ghosts and Grub!

Ghosts and grub042 
Friday night found my two teaching partners, myself, and 6 of our lovely sixth grade girls chowing down on pizza in Old Town, Alexandria...yummy! Lots of fun, lots of good stories, and of course, lots of good food!

From there we walked a block and joined up with the "Ghost Tour." Alexandria harkens back to colonial days, and funky old buildings of various shapes and sizes mix in with newly created homes and offices, all of couse, in the same style. Pickle factories, taverns, ice factories, mounting steps (A proper woman did NOT show her ankles!) all abound, along with cobblestone and brick streets and sidewalks. Suitably gross stories, along with ghost stories were narrated by a young man in colonial dress carrying the requisite latern. By the time we heades back, nightfall had descended and the girls were suitably nervous and frightened! The tour had ended in a local graveyard.(Do you know the difference between a cemetary and a graveyard? I didn't before this tour!)This happened to be our contribution to the school's spring auction, and we ended up with a truly delightful group of girls.

I had done the background and angel images a few weeks back, and then left it sit since I had no idea where it was headed and didn't want to force it. Layers of papers, ins, and paints along with two angel images printed on transparencies. I had photographed the angels in yet another cemetary a few years back.

Add some stamping and some journaling, and I've created a lovely memory of a lovely evening!

Here's to the rest of the weekend...enjoy the time!



I'm from Alexandria! I've been reading your blog but had no idea you were so close. How funny. Love the angels in this spread!

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