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Sunday's Musings

Outside my window there's a beautiful blue sky. Pansies are appearing outside stores and are begging me to take them home.

I am thinking how very much I have to be grateful for, despite all the craziness and despair around me. I am thinking that I really need to hold onto all that is good.

I am thankful for lazy Sunday mornings with Phil and time to journal while waiting for my dye job to take.

From the kitchen fresh strawberries and blueberries await, along with a chicken to be roasted.

I am wearing a pair of Chico's clearance jeans ($9) and a yellow tshirt.

I am creating pages in my journals and am glad for the time to sort life out a bit.

I am going to be typing up a math practice test very shortly.

I am reading Sing You Home by Jodi Picoult...just beginning it, really.

I am hoping to get through this Daylight Savings Time bit without too many headaches.

I am hearing the steam cleaner from downstairs where Phil is doing the carpet.

Around the house all is clean and tidy. Phil, God bless him, cleaned while I had my hair done.

One of my favorite things is a trip to Anthropologie for some visual inspiration.

A few plans for the week: type and correct math tests, get some packages into the mail, and begin to clean out a closet or two.  Oh, and of course, make some art!

A picture I'd like to share...

Feb11 251 
Alex and Uncle Chris share a smile.


Kim Mailhot

Hi Lovely One !
In the same frame of mind as you - trying to stay on that attitude of gratitude.
That picture made my heart smile big ! Cute, cute, cute LOVE !
Hugs to you, Paula !


That photo..... so beautiful! Brings a smile to my face. Thank you!

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