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Yesterday Morning

Playing with Gray

Diana Trout's Creative Nudge # 16 began with a bit of Hanna's journal play, Hanna's blog always inspires! This woman simply oozes creativity and really enjoys the process.  Neither lady ever fails to inspire.

The idea is to play with gray, which is certainly not one of my favorite colors, but it was a good reentry point after a week of hospital rooms. It was really, really good to get my fingers dirty with paint again.

I've used this angel image many a time. She's one of many from my stash of cemetary photos.

The "lines" on the right are torn up bits of text where I tried out the various grays I mixed...as are the lines that frame the angel's face.

The bits of purple on the right edge of the left side of the spread?  Dried up bits of an African violet that belonged to my mom! As I was cleaning up the art area a bit, I picked off some dried blooms. One fell on the page, and I rather liked it! I'm not sure what it means when a middle aged woman carefully glues dried up bits of violet to her journal pages!



Hi grandma Paula, your pages are ruff and yummy, love all the textures you create! Congratulations on the new baby in the family too, he is so cute!

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