Wrapped in White

Craving Pink

Ice day025 
EB craved some red.

So did Kim.

I wanted pink! You see, I'd come across the most gorgeous pink jacket I'd seen in awhile. I knew it'd look great with some black pants, or maybe my black skirt. The  budget didn't allow that jacket to come home with me, and that was okay. I didn't "need" that jacket, but I surely did want it! And, that's pretty funny, since I am not a pink person.

My mom, bless her, cured me of ever much wanting pink. As a little girl, she deemed pink to be my color. Denise had blue, and oh boy, did I want that blue.

Nope, nope, and nope. Mom deemed that I should wear pink, and I did until I was hearily sick of it. Even today, you won't find much pink in my wardrobe. So, I'm not sure what made me want that jacket, but I did.

Next best thing? Some pink in my journal. I had to mix it, because the color pink is rarely found in my stash of supplies either. So, I mixed the paint and scrounged up some tape.  I stamped, stenciled, and journaled.

I really did have a blast!

Now, we might be getting some snow tomorrow, maybe even enough for a snow day on Thursday.

Maybe, just maybe, I'll get some more time to play.

I don't think it will be pink, but my muse tends to be a bit fickle, a bit surprising. Who knows?


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