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Sneaking in Some Journal Play

Oct10 418 
Do you remember the one passage in Alice in Wonderland where Alice and the Red (I think!) Queen are rushing pell mell around and around a tree...faster and faster...just to keep up? I'm right there with Alice and the queen.

I've spent most of my last few days channeling my inner Martha Stewart, and I'm hoping to post some pics soon of what we accomplished. Our theme for the shower is "fall," and the colors are gorgeous - rich brown tablecloths, white pumpkins with a crown of fall flowers and purple glass swirls along the sides, blue mason jars filled with more flowers and tissue papers in reds, yellows, and oranges. Mmmmmmmmmmmm....just breath taking.

And then there's the daper cake...oh, my, but Martha and I outdid ourselves. If a diaper cake can be truly lovely, this one shines.

And, in between it all, I did just a bit of journaling. That cute little moo card on the right side is from Diana Trout. One of these days, I'm gonna order mine. Really. I am!

I need to go do a bit of this and that, and then I'll watch "Dancing with the Stars," the one and only show I'm faithful to.

Tomorrow is back to the world of baby showers...Martha and I, well, we're getting to be real pals!

Oh, and if I don't have to walk back into Michael's for a long time, I'll be a happy woman.



It is "bliss" to see this page. So long as you believe six impossible things before breakfast you'll be all right!


Beautiful last couple of posts, Paula! Love these journal pages..I have been having a hard time getting into my journal. Today was supposed to be the day..tomorrow for sure. Fingers crossed...thank you for the inspiration!

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