Detaching Myself From the Outcome
Life Is Large!

Deliciously Imperfect

Oct10 096 
E.B.'s journals captivate me. Stillness lives in their pages, and I think in her heart. The watercolors dance across the pages, and her pages never fail to inspire me to pull out my own watercolors and try yet again.

Oct10 092
Watercolors pretty much do want they want to do....a good exercise in letting go of any illusions of being in control...practice in detaching myself from the outcome!  

Oct10 084
I pushed them a bit, mixing a thicker paint and playing with works! Well, it works if youi surrender to the idea that you won't get a "perfect" print, but rather a sort of soft blobby one. The paint runs a bit, and it's all so delicously imperfect, just like life.

Oct10 083
Imperfection holds quite a bit of joy, I think. Practice doesn't always make perfect, and that's okay. Actually, it's more than okay - it's part of being human. Machines make "perfect:" people make art.   



Ohh I love it!


These pages are delicious! I LOVE the print. LOVE it. I couldn't agree with you more about imperfection. I think the push to be perfect is really soul killing sometimes.

elizabeth bunsen

oh Paula!
how I do yearn for
the joy and abandon
of messiness
in contrast to
my training
and habits
in tidiness
(well - not domestically speaking here)

thank you
for your expert and most valued encouragement...

xox - eb.

elizabeth bunsen

just one more thing:
let it drip
let it rip...

so will I
much love to you,

xox - eb.


Oh you are so right: machine makes perfect. people make art. I will remember that.

Dreaming Bear

Hello from Iowa! Delighted to find your lovely blog! Your journal pages are luscious! Thanks so much for sharing! It would be so great to be a child in your class....and seeing the journals you share with them. How inspiring! Have a great day!

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