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Creativity Nudge Number 1

Sept10 161
Diana Trout...who by the way is one awesome teacher! sending out little creativity nudges. Here's the fiirst one with which I had a great deal of fun. I loved just kicking back, grabbing whatever appealed to me from my scrap stash and just pasting it all down. The lady on the left was acquired at an Art & Soul event and the gal on the right came in a catalog the day I worked on this one. What's funny is that they almost mirror each other, which I didn't notice until about 2 days later. My best art really seems to happen by accident! I need to work on creativity nudge # 2 as well.

And, then there's Hanna! Hop over here for "49 Creative Things You Can Do Today." Hanna has put together the neatest list with each item linked to some wonderful eye candy and ideas for you to explore. I follow Hanna's blog, but I've bookmarked this entry so I can go back to it again and again and again. You're bound to find something that appeals to you, so quick...go, play!

Thank you all for the most wonderful messages about my dad. Each and every word made my smile. Ladies, you really are the best!   



Love the collage on this page with all those beautiful patterned papers etc. mmm! And thanks for the mention, glad you liked the list! I had fun writing it, makes me look back on what I have already done so far! :-)

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