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Aug10 099
Michelle Ward's GPP Street Team challenge for August is to use text. I've always loved doing this, and I have a cigar box full of random phrases that I pull out periodically, either for a finishing touch to a page, or to jump start one.

I began by just sifting through all my collected words, really looking for color and what might "Pop" against the background. As I shoved one here and another there, I realized that I could just about spell out a little sentence sort of thing! So, of course, I did so! Sheer luck.

Hope everyone is enjoying the remaining days of summer. Last week held meeting after meeting and getting my classroom into order. I pretty much came home every day one tired puppy. (Maybe I should say one tired old dog?) Tomorrow, the troops arrive. Looks to be a busy year, but a great one. I loved seeing all their faces on Thrusday's meet and greet...the students are really the best part of it all! (The paperwork I could do without.)

Just a bit ago, I cut up slices of various sorts of tomatoes, some fresh mozarella, somee fresh basil, and drizzled olive oil over it all. Sounds yummy, don't you think? And, we head to the beach this weekend..steamed clams, crab legs, fudge, ice cream - but not all at once! I'm so ready to just inhale the salt air.

I'm going to go and read the Sunday paper now; this day has been a busy one!  


Bev Baird

Love your journal texting page! i had fun doing it as well.

michelle ward

Paula - thanks for sharing your text messaging. I like that chose words to form a thought, and kept them to the side. And I like your written portions too, especially that you varied from black to white pens throughout to compliment the background!


Love your text pages Paula! That is so cool that you found words for your sentence sort of thing.
I thought this was a really fun Crusade and now have a box full of words, phrases and letters!
I love fresh slice tomatoes and fresh mozzarella! Yum!


Your page is so interesting. I love the text you chose at the side. They really pop out against the background.


Looks like a good finished page. How good of you to collect random phrases, I think that is such a good idea!


I like that sentence, it could be about me too, one curious creative gal!

Cruise on girl!


I love your page! You did a great job finding all those perfect words to make a sentence.


I like the combinatiions of handwriting and added text - very cool!

Kim Mailhot

fantastic text-y page, Paula !
I hope your year gets off to a great start. Brava to you for taking some beach time before hand as a "ready, set go!". Enjoy !
Hugs !


I really do like the combination of printed and handwritten text - good idea! Its already a completed page!

Rosemary Griffin

A really lovely spread, love the white and dark writing as a background.

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