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Texting, Part 2


Still coughing, hacking, and trying to talk and/or breathe here, but I wanted to share a second texting page I finished last night.

I started with a piece of vintage billing - you can see bits and pieces of the handwriting, along with some bits and pieces of text I stamped and then decided I didn't like! So, I layered some titan bluff (God bless the person who invented that color!) and some green mixed with titan bluff. I love the children in this old photo, don't you? I added the text and bits of stamping to add some texture and depth. I journaled with an extra fine Pitt pen.

Sort of dreamy and soft, I think.

And now it's time to take this very tired body to bed so that I'm somewhat alive when the kids arrive tomorrow!



Hope you feel better soon. xoxo


I hope you feel lots better soon!


Paula this is a lovely page. I like the mix of printed text and handwriting, and the text on the paper under the paint. Colours work beautifully.


Nasty business, being ill. But thank you for my mail art! Oddly enough the two people in the photo in what you sent me are strikingly similar to my mother and grandmother in an actual family photo I have. Life is stranger than fiction...

Take care of yourself, heal.

Kim Mailhot

I hope waking from the rest found you on the other side of the ickies. The page is awesome. The children, so sweet...
May the sweetness in the kiddos you meet today fill you up fully !
Big Love !


Yes, very soft and dreamy and sophisticated . . . beautiful and inspiring, too!

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