Texting, Part 2

Monday, Monday

Outside my window...hints of fall colors in the leaves tease me.

I am thinking...that I've had just about enough of this cold, especially all the coughing.

I am thankful for...a great first day of school.

From the kitchen...not much is happening!

I am wearing...my "I don't feel so hot" clothes: baggy sweats and one of Phil's tshirts.

I am creating...a second "texting" page, a postcard, and this post!

I am going...to go do the Suduku puzzle and crossword puzzle shortly.

I am reading...a few paperbacks gleaned from the used book store and the manual for my new math text.

I am hoping...to not hit too much beach traffic this weekend.

I am hearing...traffic outside my window.

Around the house...are lots of baby supplies and toys for Alex, my grandson to be. Now, I just need to find a place to stash them.

A few plans for the week...are to complete my school "To Do" list and pack for the beach.

Some pictures to share...come from our last trip to the Farmers' Market. Art is everywhere!

Aug10 081

Aug10 077

Aug10 076

Aug10 070




So sorry to hear you've been felled by a virus. Ack. And now that the kiddies are back in school it means more of the same. Perhaps this one will steel your immune system and you will be done with it sooner than later.

Kim Mailhot

Hope the cold gets left in the dust as you head towards a fun weekend, Beautiful Paula. Beautiful Monday news.
Big love to you !

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