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Jenny's Diner

Aug10 088
Can't you just see the love in this picture? Phil and I traveled to PA today to see my dad and spend sometime with him. My sister, Denise (shown in this pic) spent the day with us as well. We enjoyed lunch in an old fashioned diner, and then headed off to a local antique mall. I'll share those goodies later this week.

Spending time with dad requires a bit of effort. If the traffic gods are with us, it's 2 and a half hours each way. Sometimes, we're in the car more than we're with him. But, he loves our visits, and we're finding out more and more, just how important it is to spend that time with him. There is a visible change in his body and his spirit.  Someone once asked me how we could afford the gas and the travel time to do this, stating that a phone call ought to do it.

No, I don't think so. This is the man who at one point worked 3 jobs  to keep food on the table and to get his girls to college. This is the man that taught me what family is all about, and that it's the most important thing in this life. We didn't have a perfect family; we didn't have much money at all. But, we got to the beach ( I never learned about the wonders of seafood until much later in dogs it was!), we had books galore, and we had a ton of love.

Yup, I'll be conintuing to head to PA on a regular basis. 


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