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Michelle Ward has a new challenge up for July on her GPP Street Team site, called "Strip Ease." Go see...it's easy and fun to do!

Jul10 006
Even though I'm not a huge fan of doing vintage, I seem to be attracted to old papers of all sorts. I began by grabbing a bunch of them, tearing them into strips, and gluing them down. I grabbed an old gift card and spread a thin layer of gesso over them, letting the text and images peek through.

Jul10 003
Using that same gift card, I scraped several colors of Golden's acrylics here and there, loving the texture that the overlapping strips created.

Jul10 012
I continued to play with strips of different papers - the sun and grass are scraps from my stash. The stem and leaves for the flower came from a paper bag from a store, and the flower is created (except for the very center) from paste paper scrps. The only thing that is used scissors for was the very center circle on the flower.

Jul10 028
I outlined the sun, grass, and flower with a neopaque crayon, used my pitt pen and new stencils from Michaels' to ad the words "way too hot,' (It was 102!) and then journaled with the pitt pen.  Pretty different from what I normally do but fun to push in a different direction for a bit!   



Oh my! I love that first wash of colours. I favour Golden Fluid too, and suspect we have the same colours sitting on our desks ;-)


Love this! Thanks for sharing your process. The end result is wonderful....and I agree, it's way too hot!


I like where the strips of vintage paper took you....the result is fantastic and colorful!


Your page turned out so great, thanks for sharing both the before during and finished layout! It's SO hot in Sweden too right now, very hot!


I love the original page of just plain text a LOT but you have taken it to a really different direction. I know about that hot...I'm across the Potomac from you in Annapolis. Good days to stay inside, eh? (I may have to go look for that stamp tonight with my coupons!!)


Oh, I really like your pages, Paula. The colours, the journalling, how you have integrated the strips, everything!


Hello Paula,

I like the colors you used scraping the paint over the paper strips. You're right : this gives a very nice background with texture.

Nice to see how you kept playing with the strips of paper. I like how your complete page turned out.

greetings from belgium


Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Love the strong colours end the lack of fear! simply adorable...


Great the way you showed your creative process. I love the end result with all the colors.


Love your spread! The color and texture are terrific.


What a colour set! Superb!

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