Heading Home

Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

Jul10 018
As an artist, it's important to try out all sorts of media. Baba's who have art rooms are great providers. If they don't have the needed supply, they're more than willing to buy it! As for grandpa's, they're great for opening up the new supplies!

Jul10 019
In this case, it's colored chalk time! Here's the artist surpervising his grandpa, who's hard at work getting the plastic wrapping off the chalk.

Jul10 021
This stuff is just beyond cool! The artist didn't "finish" his creation that day - he concentrated on the process instead, just exploring new materials!

Jul10 015
Really, though, it was work well done that day. However, grandpa and baba are on their way to Saratoga Springs, NY, this morning  Baba will be hard at work at an educational conference. Grandpa will be gadding about as usual. Time to go finish packing! 


Kim Mailhot

Fun stuff, Baba ! Nothing like a brand new box of whatever kind of tools - full of potential just like the Young Artist himself.
Enjoy the learning !

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