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Serendipity in Red

Still dreaming about red here! Although I lik the last spread, it's more of an "It's okay, but it's not great" kind of like. Maybe I just should say that I like bits and pieces of it. As my good friend Kim would say, "It has precious bits." The heaviness of the spread doesn't appeal to me; I want "light and airy."

June10 037 

I sat down with Google and began to do some research, and it kept me entranced for almost 2 hours.

The Japanese have a word, "Kohaku, " which literally translates as red and white.  Kohaku marries celebration and happiness. Cool, isn't it?

June10 039

Red symbolizes strong emotion rather than intellect. Aha! I finally admitted to what my heart knew....I was thinking too much, not just playing with the color and enjoying.

Excitement, energy, wpeed, sterngth,!

Just play, Paula. Just play.

So, I lay down some titan bluff and some whie. I made some random red marks. Some I ended up covering up. No matter. Just play with the color!

June10 034

I dug through my box of "words," clippings from magazines or newspapers that have managed to grab my attention. Look what I found! Serendipity! In nearly everything I read, red "radiates a life force." Think "Red Cross."

June10 035

"Use red when you don't want to sink into the background."

Red letter days,

Red carpet treatment,

Red sky at night, a sailor's delight,

Paint the town red!"

June10 036

99 red balloons.

Little red corvette.

The red caboose.

Red Hat Society.

Little red wagon.

Red, Hot, Chili Peppers!   

Lots more to share...have a got your wheels spinning yet?

June10 033

Go with red. I dare ya!



There's that ol' red magic again! I think you did great with letting the white part of the paper shine through. I was working on a piece of collage/mixed media today and thinking about what you said about that and how I often let my pieces get muddy and confused so I'm going to see if I can keep some part of the white page on this one. Thanks for the inspiration!


i love red! gorgeous pages


I made a red page! Just now, after reading your post. Will take a pic tomorrow when it is better light! :-)

Kim Mailhot

Love the red play ! And the sweet spots of course !

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