Paste Papers, Deux...and a Journal, Too!
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Ruby Red Light

Have you ever wandered over to Be...Dream...Play?  I have always loved E.B.'s journal pages...light, airy, and full of color. She's the one who coined the phrase "Ruby Red Light." Isn't it gorgeous? I just keep repeating to myself, "ruby red light." Her pages always sing with color and just make me smile. I wish I had her knack for leaving some space white on my pages. It makes everything so light and airy. But, for some reason, I seem determined to cover up every single speck of white. I just can't stop!

Her recent pages have been filled with the most glorious shades of red, so I had to pink up the paints and forage for red paper scraps of all kinds. It doesn't have her airiness, but I kinda like the spread anyway. In the meantime, I'll continue to play and emulate the best. I never want to be a carbon copy of anyone, but I'll ggladly learn from them all. When I "get it," whatever "it" may be, then it's time to put a twist on it and make it my own.




I am drawn to red but have yet to use it successfully. I tend to blot out everything with it, alas. But you did a fine job. Now you've got me curious though and I'm off and clicking to E.B.'s.

Kim Mailhot

E.B. has inspired me many many times. I was even inspired to do a few red pages of my own last year. There is just something about that color...

EB was also one of my housemates when I attended Squam last fall - that was a treat, sharing a few glasses of wine, and talking about all things inspiring...

Would love to do that with you one day too, Lovely friend...

elizabeth bunsen

I too

am in love

with RED


as it rains

and the radiance


and shines


to you

and your lovely

red spread...

thank you

for joining me

in the love of red,

xox - eb.

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