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June10 077 not like the others! Can you spot it?

The saga of the toe came to a conclusion today...well, at least I hope it did.

Dr. L determined that only one side of the nail needed to be removed.

This, unfortunately for me, involved a needle. I don't do needles. At the very least, I don't do them well or cheerfully.

This baby was approximately 3x the width of my toe. I needed 3 shots, where the good doctor stuck it in, and then wiggled and swished it around. Picture me turning stark white, because I had a ring side seat.

I could have closed my eyes. We all know that, but morbid fascination took over.

On the third go round, I nearly shrieked. Dr. L looked up with a very puzzled expressions, calmly stating, "I haven't done anything yet, Paula."

Well, no. but you are squeezing the infected part of my toe!

"Whoops, soory!"

The procedure began, and we both quickly realized that the numbness wasn't effective.

So - three more shots. Have to admit though, that I didn't feel them!

No more details, because while it didn't hurt after this, just thinking about what I saw Dr. L do, makes my stomach queasy.

Let's just say that I have a big bandage!

June10 074


Kim Mailhot

Ouch ! May your metatarsal heal up quick!


You are braver than I. I wouldn't even be able to look at the needle BEFORE it went in, let alone the whole procedure. Here's to a speedy healing and weather that co-operates with open-toed shoes until then!

elizabeth bunsen

oh my


years ago

I broke the same big one...

cut to the chase

doctor said

shut up and settle down

he was yanking the broken one

out straight...

oh yes

I get it

holding you

and your toe

in the healing light

of radiant RED...

xox - eb.

elizabeth bunsen





xox - eb.

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