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Jun10 107

Michelle Ward over at GPP Street Team, issues a new challenge each month. I've played along a few times, but somehow never got to posting.

This month's challenge...go play with grids! The one you see above is super simple...just tags aligned...but tons of fun. It's just what I needed after sending my sixth graders home for the final time this school year.

I needed me when I say that the brain was not in full gear. So, I used some paste paper from my classes with Albie Smith (Boy, did I hate to cut that paper up!) as a background, and then grabbed a bunch of tags. I covered them with paper gleaned at Art & Soul this past May; the packet, snagged at Vendor's Night, came stuffed in an envelope from the "Superintendent of the Poor." All sorts of legal documents, some written in pencil were stuffed in that envie. (Note to self and others...pencil smears!) I grabbed some stamps - on an effort to use more of my "stuff" and just played.

Arrange them all in a grid, and pretty cool page!

Thanks, Michelle!



It is a cool page. In 2008 I did E's 52 tag questions. Loved that. This reminds me of that a bit, bringing back memories of all the stuff that came up while I did each weekly question/tag. You didn't mention rubber stamps here, but it looks like you used some. Oh, but I would love a go at your rubber stamp collection! Just looking at this makes me want to make some of my own which, in fact I just might get around to this summer. This is very inspiring stuff indeed. I hope you are feeling nice and free now that school's out. My boy, Riley, finishes up tomorrow and we are both looking forward to the summer ahead.

Kim Mailhot

Congrats on another successful year, Teach ! And on another wonderful page. Yummy stamps you have there, Girl !
Here's to a summer full of "using what you've got" !


This is a very fun gridded play page and the background paste paper is so cool!

Michelle Ward

Paula - super fun page! Love tags....and love them even more lined up in a grid! Lovely images, and fabulous background painting! Thanks for jumping in to share your work with the team!!


Tags are so fun, and I really like how the little red flowers pop out! Happy creations, tj in germany


I love the tags. Have a brilliant holiday.


I like this a lot. So neat to see all those stamped images all lined up.

Marble Blue

I adore tags - so love love your page. And you made the paste paper background??? I can see why you were so nervous about cutting it up :) All the legal papers are great - just want to keep looking at them up close to see the detail. Good on you for being brave enough to use up all the "good stuff".



this is so attractive! I hate cutting up special papers, too. But projects like this make it a little easier.


i love the simplicity in it, yet it still speaks to you. Fascinating, isn't it? And I love the paste paper of course :)


Love those tags and the bacground! These are stong pages.

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