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Art & Soul Flag Book

Jun10 044
I finally managed to finish up my little flag book from Art & Soul - one of my classes wtih Diana Trout of Journal Spilling Fame. We spent the morning making paste papers to create the flags, and then put together this fun little book in the afternoon. Look closely to see the accordian spine.

Jun10 045

If I had done this perfectly, all the top flags would flap one way, and the bottom flags would merrily flap in the other direction. As you can see, I have a "problem child" here. I have several guesses as to why, but who knows for sure? I love the explosion of color!

Jun10 046

I have such a collection of journal fodder that I decided to use random bits and pieces that appealed to me...remnants of my days, I suppose. Not sure where I got the ticket stub, but the bottom is a photo I took for a color round robin. The blue at the top is one of my favorite paste papers made during Diana's class.

Jun10 047
Not sure were the coat check stub came from either, but I like the contrast against the paste paper. Please don't ask me who those folks on the bottom might be.. I acquired them in a swap, and they just seem at home on this little page.Art & Soul's theme this year was "Wonderland," so I used some elements from one of my class tickets. Bits & pieces left over from cutting out the flags created the design on the bottom right.

Jun10 048

The netting sort of material at the top comes from some computer monitor packaging that I dug out of the school's trash! It creates the best texture. The bottom little black and white card was done under someone's direction at the journal meet on Friday night. She insistes it's not a Zentangle, but I'm not sure I see the difference! The little ATC card was a trade, and the fish on the bottom is from the packaging of my Bone Fish Grill card from my class.

Jun10 049

Both random bits on the left were acquired from art swaps. That's me on the top right, and I simply like the colors of the price stickers!

Jun10 050

My sister and I toured the "I Love Lucy" museum last summer; the piece on the bottom right is another texture tool. I've always loved "Blue Dog, " although he's pink here. Can  you figure out the phrase from the card on the bottom right?

Jun10 051

A tea bag from England, a wine label from West Virginia, a little atc that I altered with rub ons, and although you can't see it well, a label from a chocolate shop in Park City, Utah!

Jun10 052

Here's the last page...a potato ticket from an antique store on the Eastern Shore, and a few more folks acquired in an ephemera trade. These are fun little books - mine makes me smile. Lots of great memories are tucked inside. 



wonderful! I loveeeee the purple psste paper the best. I have experimented here and there with paste papers, but I love all the techniques and patterns you have. Makes me want to try some more. Lovely little book.


Paula, this journal is fantastic! I LOVE it!!!
I made a flag journal EONS ago and you have totally inspired me to give it another try. :) Gorgeous work!

Kim Mailhot

What fun ! Love how all the elements found a great home in one beautiful flag book. Sounds like it was a great class.
Look before you leap ? See you before you leap ? Something like that !
Our license plate onthe Jeep says : CU L8R !
Bye for now !


Great little books. What a creative fun idea. Thanks for sharing.


This is awesome! Great work!


Hey there! I love your book! I've mentioned it on my blog Cross My Hooks here:

Please pop by :)

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