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Gypsy Shoes, Part ?



So, are you giggling yet? Smiling? I hope so!

My good friend, Jeannine, and I are taking part in Chrysti's and Susan's project! Every few weeks they post a word or theme, and we supply a photo to showcase that word.  Jeannine drops me a note to let me know the word, and I send back a photo or two. We work "blindly," and it's amazing how they seem to fit!

Although Dominic looks mighty surprised at what's going on with the Kewpie and Blythe dolls, he's really looking at a blinking star.  I have to laugh everytime I look at his eyes; they almost seem to be popping out of his head.

I've been utterly lazy about posting lately, but I'll be doing some catch up today and the next. I have been creating some journal pages amidst some housecleaning, reading, and thinking1  Quite a bit has been going on inside my head.

More later!   


kim mailhot

Cute surprises !!!
Hope your holiday weekend was sweet and cozy !
Big hugs.

Brenda Lynn

Yep, this brought me a giggle! Love the adorable pair.

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