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From Start to Finish

Moleskine_039 A new moleskine is a gorgeous thing, ripe with possiblities! Just look at it....and then look what happens when I get a hold of it. It no longer has a pretty cover; it's no longer flat and pristine. It's gotten fat and sassy, and just like its owner, it's wearing paint on its cover. I admire moleskines whose owners have adorned their covers...moleskines with cool,dangly found items hanging from their spines! It's never going to happen here. Well, let me clarify, if it did, it wouldn't look that way when I was done with it. I do have one moleskine with a "pretty cover," but I rarely work in it, because I'm afraid of ruining the pretty cover! I need a book that can get thrown into my purse and be pulled out at a moment's whim to work in.  It will get carried to classes, in the car; well, it will be worked in nearly everywhere!

Moleskine_043 Here's a view from the top; the darn thing reminds me of Sabrina Ward Harrison's "Spilling Open!" Not that I can begin to touch her style. Nope, the darn thing itself is just spilling open. That elastic band is stretched to its limit to hold it shut. Right now, this one is just sitting open on my art desk. I'm letting it breathe.

And, here's one shot from the side. I have to admit, I love my moleskines when they get this way. You know they've been loved and used.  This one is a riot of color, text, and texture. I don't need to even read it, to get pleasure from it.


Right now, I have the urge to work on a bigger surface, but this new baby of mine (as seen in the pics above...the one that's still in its pristine state) will not go unattended! The bigger one is more difficult to take to classes and in the car. Obviously, I am in need of a joural somewhere betwee the two sizes. I know I have one, another one made in one of Kelly's classes. I just need to haul it of the box it's currently stored in. On the other hand, the urge to make a new journal is strong. There's a part of me that wants a new one for Art and Soul. And, there's still another part of me that want's to go back to a sort of Altered Book thing. What will happen is that several journals will make the trek to "Art and Soul" with me, and whatever feels right at the moment, is what I will work with.

Later this weekend, I'll post the last two pages done in book you see above. I have a new one just started. It needs some pages prepped, so that I can journal at that moment's notice. You can bet, it will not end up in the same pristine state it started in. To be very honest, I've only partially done two pages, and it's already wearing a few specks of paint!



I wish I could hold that journal and wander through the pages. It is so inviting.


Hi Paula. Wow so amazing. I've just tentatively flirted with journal art and I'd sure love to know how you prep the pages and how many at a time. I assume gesso them, but I shouldn't assume. I have a cheap journal and if I can master the process, I'll invest in higher quality. Love your posts, I read them all and am adding you to my google reader. Don't want to miss the 2 pages, lol, and if you decide to have pity on me and blog about your prep process (beg beg).lol



These photos and your text is amazing and very inspiring. I just keep coming back and looking at your photos - wow. I love how your used one looks and how you say that you've left it open to breath! Thanks for sharing such a treasure!


Hi ,
love your journal......How do you prep the pages.....
looks like fun..

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