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April 15, 2015


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I have been reading your blog for years and years and years. I must tell you that this post is by far my most favorite of all. Your words reached out and hugged my heart. I have been saying all of these things to my son and daughter all of their lives, but unfortunately my daughter does not hear them. Or she refuses to hear them. Not to go into a long story.....I just feel so sad for her. Back to this post. Paula, I have known you for a very long time and you have grown to be one of the most respected and loved Art Journalists out there. This post is just the most beautiful, both in words and photos. Thank you for sharing your art, your photos, your words, and your wisdom with us for so many years.

Lynne  Sward

Hi Paula, I subscribe to Seth Apter's page, and he listed you today and thus, I clicked on YOUR page. I love all of your comments. Is there a way that I can subscribe to something like a blog, or another way that I would get your posts on a regular or semi-regular basis? I am a textile/mixed media artist who works on one of a kind art using beads, papers, threads, fabrics, printing tools, etc. I love it all and I have no fears of trying new and unexplored means of creating. Thanks for letting me share. Oh, I'm on the east coast in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Pam Bryant

Please add me to your mailing list. This is a wise and lovely post.


Thank you for these words of wisdom! I love the way you write and I've enjoyed reading your posts. I came here via Seth, that wonderful friend of artists.

Kristi Shreenan

Hello Paula,
I'm your latest Love Notes pen pal! I just clicked over to your site and love what you do and have to say. I'm grateful for your sharing such wonderful glimpses into your heart.

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