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June 03, 2013


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This is absolutely beautiful and just right for PHC. My mother used to say something along those lines when as children we announced boredom. This is one of the reasons that I love my hobby so much, I notice the little things, the simple things and that makes my heart sing.


LOVE this shot! Assignment or heart .... it speaks! :)


It never fails to surprise me what we PHCers will photograph. We see life differently don't we?


Your dad sounds like a pretty smart man. I'm sure I heard similar advice from mine. I have to say I've never had a problem with boredom - too much going on in my own imagination, I guess. I like this image - the strong light, colors, textures, shadows.

Michele at Sweet Leaf

I love your dad's philosophy! He's right, too. Did he explore the world with a camera, too?


There are wonderful memories attached to this photo. Time spent together, working on your photography skills and joy.


Great photo heart connection and love your dad's words too.


I like your chosen image....I like the shadows and have to wonder what it would look like in BW, where the shapes and lines you admire take over the driver's seat from the color.
Applause for shooting the "other stuff" while sitting in a gorgeous setting. I bet less people than you think were paying attention to you. I find when I'm doing that type of shooting-I become nearly invisible. Often in a scenic spot there are many cameras about-you blend right in.

Prairie Jill

What a great photo-heart connection! I love the shot, especially the little bits of colour on the bicycle wheel.

Zena (healingmoments)

Beautiful photo-heart connection, love your dad´s words, so true!

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