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May 06, 2013


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Love this shot Paula...it represents so much to you, but it evokes a down home, retro, quaint heart feeling!

Michele at Sweet Leaf

I get it : Sweetie time! Phil and chocolate. Nothing sentimental about that! I had to laugh at your observation--the more we learn in the photography classes about aperture and shutter speed, etc, the more critical we can get about our own stuff. You're right--it just takes practice to learn a craft--any craft. Thanks for sharing.


The best photos bring back happy memories, no? That looks like a fun place to explore, with two chocolate shops -- I will have to put it on my list. My daughter and family live in D.C., so we go frequently to see the grandgirls. We're heading back in June, hopefully before it's too hot.


You're blessed to have such a compatible "partner in crime" as Phil. Great Photo-Heart Connection!

Prairie Jill

Sounds like this is the perfect photo-heart connection: beautiful place, good memories, great photo. And chocolate (my favourite food group!).

Kat Sloma

I love the sense of wandering fun your words and this photo evoke. It sounds like a fantastic month. It's a good thing you did the review, or you would still have the perception that you didn't do too much! Thanks for sharing in the Photo-Heart Connection.

Cathy H.

Love this! This image just shouts "we had a good time." You're blessed to have a partner in crime!!


what a great photo and what a nice story. It also invited out to the shop to visit, if only because of that.

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