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April 03, 2012


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Deborah Tisch

I enjoyed your post! The artwork in the photo is beautiful, and the reminder in your words that art comes from within us.

Phyllis Hart

This is a great photo heart connection. I agree with you, the photo makes me feel happy and I would probably have more fun making one of these pinwheels than purchasing anything in the store.

Zena (healingmoments)

So beautiful and inspiring

Kim Stevens

I love your heart connection, I had a similar one about simplicity (and unpretentious) and these made me smile too. love the colors and the playfulness - gorgeous!

Kat Sloma

Creativity is amazing like that, making something wonderful out of seemingly nothing. I love that you shared this, and the thought it brought to you in the Photo-Heart Connection! It is uplifting and makes me smile today.


What a fun thing to do, this looks really amazing. Thanks for sharing this fun photo!

Cathy H.

Wonderful image and post! These fans just made me smile!!


I love these colourful pleated shapes, they're so joyful! The fact that they are unpretentious and yet so creative makes them even more stunning!
I like your words: "art comes from inside you...". Perfect!


Hi, Paula!
I just love this image! Love it! The colour, the composition, the shapes. It's brilliant! And, the story that goes with it is wonderful. Thanks for sharing. So fun to discover this work..your work!
Visiting from Kat's Photo-heart connection. Have a wonderful weekend!

Bo Mackison

What a great find. And a great lesson. Sometimes the simple things are just what we need.

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