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April 26, 2011


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There is such sadness and a return to simpler times in the world of dementia. It sounds like your Dad has changed quite a bit in a short while. I am grateful to hear you have the medical resources to help him, although that still leaves you as the witness and what to do with all the confusing emotions? There are no answers except what you know in your heart. Each day brings something new, if your Dad seems happy at times, there isn't much more you can wish for.


Art has always helped me to process the most difficult times.
Keeping you and your Dad in my thoughts.

Bev Baird

What a moving post Paula. I love your card and the message to just sing! may your Dad be soothed by his singing and may he recover from his injury from the fall.
I loved/was moved/and terrified by "Still Alice". It is such a beautifully written book. Alzheimers is such an obscene disease. It robs us of the people we care so much for.
May art soothe you as it seems to have.


Paula -
Just getting caught up with blogs after some computer issues and works escape me just now - I've traveled a similar path.
Just want you to know I'm praying.
It's how I got through and I know my dad was helped too. There were signs.
God bless your family.

Kim Mailhot

Challenges upon challenges, My Lovely One ! My God !
I am amazed and inspired by how you hold yourself together with such strength and using tools that help you through. Sing, and create, Beautiful Paula.
I am keeping the prayers and love flowing your way.

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