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April 06, 2011


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Bev Baird

I t was when my mom was going through her health issues that I realized I really needed to create. We all need that time to ourselves.
Love your journal page. Especially love your description of the process.

Kim Mailhot

You are not terribly behind. You are exactly where you need to be. So glad you have the super art therapy to help you through.
I have a love love affair with watercolors these days - mixing them with watercolor pencils, acrylics, whatever ! Just love 'em. Thanks for hsairng the Diana video. Brought me some more inspiration.
Love to you, Beautiful One !


What a treasure your blog is! I got here via Tari, and am I glad! Another Diana Trout fan, and a Dawn Sokol fan. I've met them both (Dawn lives not too far from me) and they are both warm hearts to help keep the art world beating in joy. I love to play with watercolors, after a while, you become a fan. (It helps if you have an iron to keep the wrinkled paper flat, if you overwater like I do.)


Watercolours are so much fun, grate to see you use them in your journal.



okay, look at this!!

Sorry for all the comments, but I had to come back and tell you that when I got your postcard I went to Flickr and gave a big thank you, but I may not have done it right. So then when you commented on my blog I sent an email to you and the email I had must have been old, because it shot back to me. So then I looked on your postcard and I saw that your email server was different, so I went to email you and then I said, oh, F it. I'm just going to go to her blog and make everyone else read my crap, too.

That's how easy-going I am.

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